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Best Texting Apps for Android

Text messaging is a very popular way to contact in the world. It’s very quick, easy way to contact your favorite person. This is the best way to talk to your friends and family. Test messaging will help you to make your life easier. Let’s take a look at the best messaging apps for Android and SMS apps for Android.


best texting apps for android 2018


Best Messaging Apps for Android 2018


Android Messages

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
  • Messages Screenshot
  • Messages Screenshot

Android Messages is an Android’s official app for texting (SMS, MMS) and chat (RCS) with your friends and relatives. Message anybody with the reliability of texting app and the richness of chat. Stay connected with your friends and family, send group texts, and share your best pictures, videos, & audio messages.



*Clean design

*Easy sharing

*Richer conversations

*Powerful search

*Chat features (RCS)

*Free to use


Textra SMS

Textra SMS
Textra SMS
Developer: Delicious
Price: Free+
  • Textra SMS Screenshot
  • Textra SMS Screenshot

This is a beautiful, very fast and highly customizable stock Android messaging app.  Accompanies a cluster of awesome features, outstandingly 180+ material design theme, bubble and application symbol colors. Dim, light and auto-night modes, various air pocket styles, booked (future) SMS and MMS, quit amid send, slide to erase, slide to call, fast snap camera, multi-select picture display, brisk answer popup, wonderful MMS GROUP informing, snappy voice updates, GIFs, 21 content sizes, message blocker/boycotting, stick to-top, programmed video and picture pressure, in addition to piles more!


Mood Messenger – SMS & MMS

Mood Messenger - SMS & MMS
Mood Messenger - SMS & MMS
  • Mood Messenger - SMS & MMS Screenshot
  • Mood Messenger - SMS & MMS Screenshot

This is one of the best texting alternative apps to your default Android SMS & MMS App. This app 100% Free with no ads – It is easy to use, smooth and effective. You can customize everything to your choice and you have access to great features like the typing indicator.


If you are not happy with the default Android texting app you should try Mood Messenger.


Fully Customizable:

– Bubble shapes and beautiful colors

– Awesome Backgrounds and more than 100 themes

– Custome Fonts and text size

– Notifications (LED, sounds, vibration, format)

– Awesome Animated Emojis – iOS, Android or Emoji One style emojis.

– Choose more than 100 fantastic free themes.

– Dark mode.

Free to use


Fantastic features :

– Best typing indicator to see when your contact is writing.

– Have group conversations option.

– Secret conversation to hide messages & protect them with your password.

– Blacklist annoying messages.

– Animated awesome GIF library.

– Dual SIM setup.

– Easy location sharing option.

– Make schedule your messages.

– You can pin your important conversations at the top of the list.



Best Android Launcher Apps


Facebook Messenger

Instantly connect with friends and family. Messenger is free, fast, and secure for you.

– Reach anyone and anytime. You can use names or phone numbers to find friends or relatives.

– Use this app everywhere. Facebook Messenger is workable on all mobile device and desktop devices.

– Connect with your favorite person if you want. Send a text message, share your favorite photo, or start a video chat all in Messenger.



GO SMS Pro – Nearly 100 Million users choice this app, messaging app to replace the stock! The brand new messaging app is easy to use, intuitive, personalizing and very fun!


Free Features:

Hundreds of personalized themes and lovely stickers

Private box

Sticky conversations

Pop up new messages

Dual SIM

SMS blocker

GO Chat

Delay to send

Folded stranger messages

Avatar popup

Identify calls

Free to use


Pro Features:

Support to disable all adds.

Advanced Private Box.

Unlimited cloud storage space for your message backup.

Free to use all paid themes (Upgrade to Themes VIP).


Chomp SMS

chomp SMS
chomp SMS
Developer: Delicious
Price: Free+
  • chomp SMS Screenshot
  • chomp SMS Screenshot

Join the chomp revolution at 10+ million! Make your own particular one of a kind look, or use 100’s of FREE themes /skins.


Many cool features:

*Password application lock.

*Protection options.

*Scheduled SMS sender (updates, birthday wishes)

*Stop a text while sending,

*Stick favs to the top,

*Backup option,

*Boycotting/SMS blocker,

*Signatures, text snippets,

*Very fast answer popup (even on lock screen),

*Multi-select picture display,

*Dual sim supported,

*Free to use

*Better MMS and GROUP conversion and much more…


In addition, boundless customization options for warning symbols, LED hues, ringtones, vibrate designs, screen hues, textual style writes text dimensions and foundation backdrops. Go on give it some bling!


Perfect with Yappy, Pushbullet & MightyText for desktop notifications & replying.


Handcent Next SMS

Handcent Next SMS is the best texting app for the next generation. Customizable, very powerful & one of the best SMS messenger app. This is the best replacement android messaging app for your text messenger. “Next SMS 7.0” is a texting app that brings some changes to make some better user-friendly.



Ultimate Customization

Handcent Anywhere

MMS plus

Pop up

Private Box

SMS Backup

SMS Blocker/Blacklisting

Scheduled Task



Sticky on top

Dual SIM



Free to use.


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