7 Best Musician Apps for Android 2018 – Start Practice Today

best musician apps for android

Are you a musician and looking for the best musician apps for Android that will make you work easier? Then this article for you. There are many musician apps available. This musician Android app will help you to improve your skill and help you to practice.


best musician apps for android


Best musician apps for android 2018


1. BandLab – Music Studio & Social Network

BandLab is one of the best musician apps for android. This app will help you to make great music simply and search your favorite music to listen. Capture inspiration with world-class professional creation features. You can make playlists of your favorite music. Share features are available. You can share and collaborate with others to grow your audience. Join with millions of creators and fans by using this musician apps.



– Hot Beats (NEW).

– 12-Track Mix Editor.

– Unlimited Projects.

– Secure Storage via the Cloud.

– 30 Guitar/Bass/Vocal FX Presets.

– Looper.

– Tweak Your Beats.

– Work across ALL your devices.

– You can share your photos, videos, add emojis with your friends and followers.

– Built-in Guitar Tuner & Metronome.

– Remix Tracks.



2. Caustic 3

Caustic 3
Caustic 3
Price: Free
  • Caustic 3 Screenshot
  • Caustic 3 Screenshot

This is another music creation tool for Android. This app is optimized for mobile devices. The app allows you to record your vocals, cross-platform and support with its PC app, and more


You can create your rack by adding 14+ machines:

– Subsynth

– PCMSynth

– BassLine

– BeatBox

– PadSynth

– 8BitSynth

– Modular

– Organ

– Vocoder

– FMSynth

– KSSynth

– SawSynth.



– Effects rack supporting two effects per machine

– 20 effect types available

– Mixer desk

– Master section

– Supports automation

– Song Sequencer

– Free and paid version available



3. Tuner – gStrings Free

Tuner - gStrings Free
Tuner - gStrings Free
Developer: cohortor.org
Price: Free+
  • Tuner - gStrings Free Screenshot
  • Tuner - gStrings Free Screenshot

gStrings is a chromatic tuner app. This app supports a variety of frequencies.  This is one of the best apps for practically any musician. Tune virtually anything by this app. It allows you to tune any musical instrument. You can use this app for free if you don’t mind about advertising. The premium version cost is $3.99. If you are searching for a guitar tuner, then you can try this app.



– Many built-in instruments and tunings.

– support for custom tunings.

– a long list of built-in temperaments.

– support for custom temperaments.

– orchestra tuning.

– pitch pipe.

– Free and paid version available.


4. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

This is one kind of voice recorder app. Hi-Q Voice Recorder takes the sound recording to the next level. This app includes 44kHz audio sampling, MP3 recordings, & support WAV, OGG, M4A, and even FLAC file formats.


Easy to use. Just start the app and press the striking Red button, and now you can start recording. You can use automatically upload features to upload your music to Dropbox and Google Drive. So that your music stays in a safe place. Home screen widgets available to start this app easily.



– Simple and Reliable

– MP3 clips

– Keep Recordings Safe

– Home Screen Widgets

– Quality Settings.

– Input Selection.

– Manage Clips.

– Wi-Fi Transfer.

– $3.49 for the pro version



– Phone calls are not supported.

– Widgets will available when the app is installed on the phone’s main storage. If you installed this in your SD card then you can not use widgets features.


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5. Metronome Beats

Metronome Beats
Metronome Beats
Developer: Stonekick
Price: Free+
  • Metronome Beats Screenshot
  • Metronome Beats Screenshot

This is one of the best free interactive metronome app and Speed Trainer. This app already got 5+ million downloads. Metronome Beats is used by the worldwide users for solo & group music practice, teaching, & live concerts. Metronome Beats supports background play. You can use this app for golf putting practice, dancing, and other activities.



– Larger devices supported.

– Speed Trainer.

– Select any tempo.

– You can use the tap tempo button to select a tempo.

– You can set a timer to stop the metronome automatically after a certain number of bars.

– Displays Italian tempo markings.

– Supports one to 300 beats per minute.

– Choose whether to accent the 1st beat of the bar.

– ocular beat indication.

– Saved automatically.



6. MuseScore

This is one of the best musician apps for sheet music on this list. It offers you a large number of sheet music options from its online community. This app has a desktop version for their user. Find the latest sheet music to boost your practice. You can play or sing along using the parts mixer. Real time adjustable tempo available.



– Listen to the sheet music.

– Select parts to be displayed.

– Select parts to be played.

– Original score layout.

– Staff resizes.

– Transpose melody.

– Chord symbols.

– Access to sheet music.

– Multitrack playback with volume control.

– Live adjustable tempo.

– Compatible with Airturn Bluetooth Page Turner.


7. Perfect Ear – Ear Trainer

Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer
Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer
  • Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer Screenshot
  • Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer Screenshot

You can use this app to develop your aural skills and sense of rhythm that is important for every musician. This app will teach you how to learn sound by ear. This app includes many features, for example, customizable exercises, customizable scales, music theory articles, and so on. This app free for use. But the premium version is available. If you want you can purchase for $2.99.



– Customizable interval, scale, chord, and rhythm training available.

– You can create custom scales, chords, and chord progressions.

– Theory articles.

– Melodic dictation exercises.

– Sight reading trainer.

– Learn sounds by ear

– Absolute pitch trainer.

– Rhythm training.

– Note singing trainer.

– Solfège capabilities.

– A scale dictionary available.

– Free and paid version available.



If you think this list of the best musician apps for Android 2018 is helpful for you then please don’t forget to share this post with your friend. What is your favorite musician apps? Feel free to comment here with the name of the best musician apps for Android. You would be happy to hear your comment.


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