7 Best Reminder Apps for Android to Increase Your Productivity

best reminder apps for Android

Do you forget something that was very important for you? If you are an Android user then don’t worry the best reminder apps for Android will help you. This remainder app will help you to remember your important work in time. Just set remainder and forget it. The remainder app will remember the important task and tell you in time.


There are so many ways available to increase your productivity. Using the remainder app is one of them. You can also use the best productivity apps to increase your productivity.


best reminder apps for Android


Here a list of the best free reminder app for your Android device. Choice the best one for you.


Best reminder apps for android 2018



Any.do is one of the best to-do list apps and best reminder apps for Android. This app also an excellent reminder apps. It’s FREE for use to-do list, calendar, and reminders app all-in-one. You can use this app on your Android device to add and track your tasks, reminders, create smart lists, plan your daily routine and shared projects. The app uses Material Design. You can use this app for work and home tasks and reminders for you.



Add tasks and manage shared projects.

Label to-do’s with colors to set priorities and categories.

Organize tasks under lists.

Fantastic remainder.

Prioritize tasks on your checklist with a daily planner.

Add and review to-do’s instantly with a wonderful home-screen widget.

Plan your day in seconds.

Work with your favorite tools.

Work with any Android & iOS device.


BZ Reminder

BZ Reminder
BZ Reminder
Developer: Atlas Profit
Price: Free+
  • BZ Reminder Screenshot
  • BZ Reminder Screenshot

BZ Reminder is one of the simple to-do list apps and best reminder apps for Android. Just set reminders and this app remind you when it’s time. If you forget to do something then set reminders and improve your productivity. Via this app, you can control your all task. Very easy to use and fantastic reminder and to-do list app. You can use this app also on android wear smartwatch. You can also use this app as notes app.



– Repeating / Recurring Tasks.

-Birthdays remainder.


-Snooze tasks.

– Mark tasks with colors.

-Use as Notes.

– Fantastic remainder.

-Customizable Widgets.

-Calendar with reminders.

-Work for Missed call reminder.

-Android wear smartwatch supported.

-You can set a reminder every hour.

– Easy to use.

-And so on features.


Google Keep

Google Keep is one of the best note-taking apps. The reminders features are simple but very effective. You can set notes as notifications at certain times or places. You can also use this app to organize photo of a poster, receipt or document to find it later. You can share your task with your friends and family.



Add notes, lists, and photos.

Easily plan that surprise party.

Color and add labels.

Works on the phone, tablet, computer, and Android Wearables.

Location-based reminder.

Available everywhere.


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GTasks: Todo List & Task List
GTasks: Todo List & Task List
  • GTasks: Todo List & Task List Screenshot
  • GTasks: Todo List & Task List Screenshot

This app is one of the unique reminder apps. GTasks is a simple and proficient todo/task management Android app. You can customize with your choice for the to-do list, set a reminder, you can send work to your friends, family members or colleagues. With this app, you can focus on your task and never miss your any task and boost your productivity.



View your tasks on Google Calendar.

Synchronize with multiple Google accounts.

Customize sync mode.

Batch add tasks.

Scroll horizontally to switch between tasks/task lists.

Sort tasks by date/name/create time/priority.

Re-arrange tasks easily by dragging & dropping.

Indent to create subtasks.

Send tasks to friends, families, and colleagues.

Set repeating reminders.

Quick add tasks.

Quick add tasks via ‘note to self’ voice command.

Quick search tasks.

Create wonderful home screen Widgets.



Ike – To-Do List

This is another unique reminder app for Android device. This app uses President Eisenhower’s Priority Matrix. You can organize your tasks by importance and urgency.  By adding due dates and location reminders you will not forget anything. If you want to unlock all themes, widgets, to add multiple reminders, location-based reminders, images, and audio recordings features then you need to upgrade your membership.



Prioritize tasks.

Add a due date to a task.

Add multiple time remainder.

Location-based reminders.

Audio recording.

You can use this app as notes.

Customize and Celebrate.

Make widgets to add, edit, complete, and view tasks.


Life Reminders

Life Reminders
Life Reminders
Developer: Cameleo-tech
Price: Free
  • Life Reminders Screenshot
  • Life Reminders Screenshot

This is one of the simple reminder apps available for Android. The app reminds you when it’s time to do it. You can use this app to set-up phone calls or send SMS/text messages on a schedule. This app repeats the task on daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. Multilanguage supported (French, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Danish, German and of course English).



Works with a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

Set-up phone calls or send SMS/text messages on a schedule.

Multilanguage supported.

Easy to use.



This is a simple and most effective to-do list, reminder and task management Android app which helps you to make a schedule, manage time, reminder and you can also use this app to organize your work. Lot’s of features available, including reminders, widgets, recurring tasks, customization options, and even a calendar. The free version is good enough for personal use.



Easy to use.

Sync across your devices.

Quickly create tasks and notes.

An instant task to do list reminder.

Sleek calendar.

Handy Widget.

Flexible repeat.

Add up to 5 notifications.

Unlimited Planning on the to-do list.


If you think this list of the best reminder apps for Android is helpful for you then please don’t forget to share this post with your friends. What is your favorite reminder app? Please feel free to share with us via the comment section. We will happy to hear your comment.


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