How to Back Up Android contacts – Step by Step Instrustion

how to back up Android contacts

Searching for an approach to back up Android contacts? Here we have to share how to back up Android contacts. Keep your contacts in a safe place. The times of manually exchanging all contacts from phone to phone or telling your companions on Facebook to send their digits are a distant memory. There are different approaches to back up your Android contacts. Some are advantageous and some are helpful, yet don’t stress — we’re here to enable you to locate the best technique.


How to back up Android contacts


Something to remember: Device manufacturers will frequently sort out and name settings in an unexpected way. A portion of the well-ordered directions in this post might be not quite the same as those in your cell phone.


Back up Android contacts to your Google account


This is the simplest and most helpful approach to ensure your contacts are constantly supported up. Since Google possesses Android, its administrations are exceptionally all around incorporated into the prevalent portable working framework. One of the numerous advantages you can appreciate is sparing your contacts to Google’s servers.


In the event that you choose to go this course, your contacts will be intermittently added to your Google account. This incorporates every single current contact, and also whichever you include what’s to come. Regardless of whether your telephone abruptly gets annihilated, quits working, or you have to switch gadgets, the individuals who back up Android contacts to their Google records will dependably have their numbers in the cloud and prepared for download.


  1. From your Android device, go to the Settings application.


2. Select the “Accounts” option.


3. Search for your Gmail or Google account. Select it.


4. Ensure “Contacts” is checked. It could likewise be named “People.”


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Back up Android contacts utilizing an SD card or USB storage


A few people like things the way it was done in the good ‘ol days, or perhaps some simply don’t confide in the cloud. This is the reason for utilizing outside capacity to back up Android contacts is another fundamental method to keep your numbers protected and sound. This should be possible with an SD card or any USB stockpiling gadget.


  1. Open your “Contacts” or “People” application.


2. Hit the menu catch and go into “Settings.”


3. Select “Import/Export.”


4. Select where you need your contact files stored.


5. Take after guidelines.


Back up Android contacts to your SIM card


On the off chance that you are exchanging devices, yet plan to keep the same SIM card, this technique may be only the thing.


  1. Open your “Contacts” or “People” application.


2. Hit the menu catch and go into “Settings.”


3. Select “Import/Export.”


4. Select “SIM card.”


5 .Take after guidelines.


Back up Android contacts utilizing a 3rd party application


A plenty of outsider applications make it easy to back up Android contacts. There’s Titanium Backup, Easy Backup, Super Backup Pro, and some more.


Presently you are prepared to switch gadgets and have set yourself up for unforeseen misfortunes. Hit the remarks to tell us which is your most loved strategy! Are there any we didn’t list here?


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