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How to Customize Home Screen on Android

If you love android then you are a boss. Are you searching for Are you searching for how to customize home screen on Android? Don’t worry here we have a step by step instruction to customize your Android home screen. Make your Android home screen with your own choice and enjoy your android life.


How to Customize Home Screen on Android


There are some basic customizations to personalize your home screen on Android that don’t necessitate that you download any new applications.


To start with, and most self-evident is the wallpaper you use as a background. You can choose one of the packaged wallpapers, download some new ones or utilize your own particular existing images.


How to change your wallpaper on Android:


*Click and hold a blank space on your device home screen.


*Click on the “Wallpapers”  option at the base of the screen.


*Choose from your previous wallpaper or you can use your own images.


*When you finished your choice click on “Set wallpaper.”


*Select whether you need that picture as your home screen, lock screen, or both.


*Rehash the procedure if you need diverse pictures on your home and lock screen.


(Note that some Android phones need to squeeze the screen to get to the home screen settings, as opposed to long-squeezing.)


How to remove app shortcuts from your Android phone home screen:


How to Customise Home Screen on Android


*Click and hold an application’s symbol.


*Drag the application symbol you need to cover up into one of two spots:


*The application drawer (spoken to by a symbol in the middle bottom of the screen).


*Or on the other hand to the “x” at the highest point of the screen labeled “Remove.”


*In the event that you need to uninstall the application totally, you should see “Uninstall” with “Remove” at the highest point of the screen – basically drag the application symbol there.


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How to add app shortcuts to your Android device home screen:


*Initially, open the application drawer.


*Click and hold the application you need and drag it upwards onto your home screen.


*Drop it where you need it, and tap and hold to drag it to an alternate area.


*Drag and hold it close to the edge of the screen to be taken to the following page.


How to create an app folder:


You can likewise make application groups on your home screen by consolidating comparative applications into classifications, every one of which will have its own particular snappy access organizer:


*Click  and hold an application


*Drag it over another application and release.


*The two applications ought to be converted into a shared folder.


*Drag some other fitting applications into the folder.


*Tap the envelope to open it and adjust the application arrange by tap, hold, and drag.


*Rename the envelope to something like “Social,” “Messaging,” “Games,” or whatever.


Instructions to include/remove widgets:


You can likewise choose which widgets to have on your home screen. The procedure is relatively indistinguishable to moving applications on and off your home screen:


*Click and hold a clear space on your home screen.


*Click on the “Widgets ” option at the bottom of the screen.


*Pick the widget you need on your home screen.


*Click and hold it.


*Drag it to your Android home screen.


Customize your home screen: Get a new launcher



Past tweaking your home screen utilizing what’s now on your telephone, you can likewise download totally new launchers, that will change the design and usefulness of your home screen itself. Launchers change the look, feel and conduct of considerably more parts of the Android OS, enabling you to make it really your own.


Launchers likewise let you change your symbols, helping you customize your home screen to influence even the marking of outsider applications. Numerous launchers bolster signal alternate routes and route, offer numerous more gadgets and progress impacts and can even take in your propensities and adjust to your requirements for the duration of the day.


Custom Android launchers worth looking at include:


Nova Launcher

Activity Launcher

Evie Launcher

Apex Launcher

Hola Launcher


Here are some other extraordinary choices


View a couple of launchers and see which fit your identity best. Once you’ve discovered one you like the look of, introduce the application, open it and press the Home catch. You should see a warning about changing your default launcher. Just change your default to the new launcher. In the event that you need to change back (or you don’t see the fly up), go to your Settings and look for “launcher” – you ought to have the capacity to locate the correct menu effortlessly enough, at that point simply select the one you need from the rundown of introduced launchers to make it your new default.


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