7 Best Volume Booster for Android 2018 (Top Rated)

Volume booster for android

If you face problem to hear music, phone’s ringtone or notification sound and searching for the best way to increase the default volume then you are in right place. Fortunately, some best volume booster apps available on the app store that can boost your android device default volume. Here we have a list of the best volume booster for Android 2018. Choose a perfect volume booster for you.


Volume booster for android


Best volume booster for android 2018


Music Volume EQ

Listen to your favorite songs in your music library with the best audio control app for Android! This app has great features including live music stereo led VU meter, five band Equalizer, bass-boost, 3D virtualizer, audio control and more. For the best results, pair Music Volume EQ with headphones. If you don’t have pair headphones or if want to use your speaker, you can still enjoy good music with this app. Music Volume EQ is a great speaker booster.



✔ Media audio control

✔ 5 band music equalizer

✔ Bass booster – speaker booster

✔ 3D Virtualizer effect

✔ Nine equalizer presets with Custom Preset

✔ Wonderful two themes (Classic and Material)

✔ Listen to excellent music whatever audio player you use

✔ Stereo led VU meter

✔ Home screen widget option

✔ Lock media volume option

✔ Great for wifi headphones

✔ Circular music beat bars

✔ Video volume booster option

✔ Audible sound spectrum

✔ Beautiful Live Wallpaper


Volume Booster Pro

Volume Booster is one of the best volume control application for Android that controls Android phone volume for all sound streams. You can simply boost your android device sound to the maximum volume by just one click.



  1. One click to increasing all sound to maximum.
  2. One click to turn your android phone into silent mode, it is so convenient when you are on a meeting or going to bed.
  3. One click to normal mode to restore the original system sound.
  4. The “System Sound” in this Speaker Booster include ringtone sound, notification sound, DTMF & other system sounds.
  5. Realistic wallpaper with the user-friendly interface.


Best Printer Apps for Android


Volume Booster GOODEV

Volume Booster GOODEV
Volume Booster GOODEV
Developer: GOODEV
Price: Free

Simple and free app to boost your speaker or headphone volume. Useful for movies, audiobooks, & audio. This app does not support all devices support. Try it at your own risk and check out if yours works. This app does not work on 4.2.1-4.3 devices. It may work on 4.4 & higher, and on devices below 4.2.1.


This does not support the speakerphone volume in mobile calls but for the volume of music, movies, & apps.


Volume Booster

Volume Booster
Volume Booster
Developer: lovekara
Price: Free

This app gives you the best & easy way to control all your volumes of your Android devices:



* Quick boost with one click.

* Quick configuration option

* Switch to silent/vibration with just a click.

* This app will remember the settings & adjust the volumes automatically when your Android device is turned on.

* This app will remember the settings with/without a headset and will adjust the volumes when headphone is plug in or pull out.


Super Loud Volume Booster Pro

Super Loud Volume Booster Pro is a wonderful volume control app. Simple, easy to use and free Super Loud Volume Booster Pro app to boost speaker or headphone volume.



– Boost your music volume maximum

– Boost your alarm volume easily

– Boost your call voice volume simply

– Boost your notification sounds

– Boost all your system sounds through this app.


Ultimate Volume Booster

Ultimate Volume Booster
Ultimate Volume Booster
Developer: porrassoft
Price: Free

Boost your Android phone volume with only one tap! This volume booster app will boost your audio device volume up to 30% – 40%.



-You can increase the volume for your notification sound, ringtone, alarm, and system multimedia sound!

-This volume booster app will control and boost your audio quality.

-This app also works with the headset, headphone, and speakers!

-Easy to use

-One tap boosting

-User-friendly interface.


Speaker Booster

Speaker Booster
Speaker Booster

Speaker Booster is a wonderful app which will increase your sound 15-30% depending on your Android device. Press the Boost button, sit down and relax.



* System – Adjusting the volume level of your Android system.

* Media – Adjusting the volume level of your media file.

* Notifications – Adjusting the volume level of notifications sound.

This app works for speakers & headphones.


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